photo of WaveFront 3000 device

Wavefront USB Adapter

For your Wavefront 2000

This adapter provides a solution to the problem of how to connect your WaveFront 2000 to a newer computer which does not have a 25 pin printer connector. The adapter plugs into the 25 pin connector on the back of the WaveFront 2000 and has a cable with a USB connector to plug into your PC on the other end. A LED flashes to show an active connection to the PC and flashes slowly when data is coming from the PC to the WaveFront.

The adapter is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

You will need to change the setting in the Avatar software to direct the output to the WaveFront 3000, since that is how the Adapter appears to the Avatar software.

If you are ordering from Canada or overseas, contact us by email and we will invoice you for the appropriate shipping included.

  • Price: $175
  • Shipping: $10
  • U.S. Orders only
  • Intl. Orders please email or call
USB adapter

FAQ - WaveFront 3000

The WF3000 is a new updated version of the WF2000. It features USB, AA Battery Pack, and is compatible with the new Avatar software.

  • How can I upgrade my WaveFront 2000?
    • Please contact us at: 716.792.9679

FAQ - WaveFront 2000

  • What is the WaveFront 2000?
    • The WF2000 is a device used by alternative medical practitioners to: imprint, duplicate, invert electrical essences.
  • Where can my WaveFront be serviced?
    • We can service or upgrade your device. Turn around time depends on the issue, but under normal conditions we diagnose the issue the day we receive the unit.
      Please contact us at: 716.792.9679

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